We know we should call our federal, state and local representatives on the issues that affect us. Unfortunately, it is soooo easy to let good intentions melt away. Our approach is to make it easy for busy members to give 15 minutes each week to make 3 calls to our federal officials and 2 calls to state reps. Think of the impact - one hundred of us can make over 25,000 calls in 2017. Please read the following Indivisible Guide. Also, watch the following Rachel Maddow report on Indivisible.

Calling our representatives offices is straight forward - they work for us - the taxpayers. Would you hire a contractor to remodel your house, then leave for two years without checking the work? Note: that from day one and every day your Representative or Senator spends about 4 hours calling donors for re-election funds. These doners are expected to chip in $1000+ per call. Our silence means that they only hear the wealthy. Our silence means that the issue does not matter to us.

How it works: Every week the team will focus on timely federal and state issues, then email you our KADC newsletter with a suggested issue and script. You call your particular representatives office. Typically you'll leave a message with a staff person or an answering machine.

Step 1. Find your representatives.

Rarely does it help to call officials that do not represent you. So you'll need to determine exactly whose district you live in. Because of gerrymandering, districts are not obvious. Be sure to know your zip code with with the 4-digit extension. To find your zip click here.

  • For US Senate, it's easy - our two Pennsylvania Senators are Casey and Toomey.
  • To find your US House representative, click here.
  • To find your PA Senate and House representatives, click here.

For your convenience, in the right panel there are links to contact sheets for each senator and representative serving Northern Berks county. These include their government office (when in session) and their local offices. Office hours are 9am to 5pm on weekdays.

Visit your reps website and sign up for their newsletters and read them carefully. Please note what you agree with and what you disagree with. These can be additional points of discussion for your call.

Step 2. Join the team

To join us, and receive weekly scripts for CallMyReps, subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Click here.

This is a grassroots effort, so get some of your close friends to join you. Having friends makes it more fun and let us cheer each other on.

Step 3. Make your calls.

You may ask to speak to your representative, but most often they will not be available. You can leave a message with the staff person. Always be polite and constructive. While these calls will get boiled down to number-for and number-against, use this as an opportunity to share your viewpoint with that staff person. Ask what part of the state they are from, where they went to school... There maybe different staff members that have special interests: health, defense, education. If you find this out, include it in your feedback.

If you have questions, email the CallMyReps Team: CallMyReps@KutztownDemocrats.org. We would love to hear from you: what works, what doesn't, funny or sad comments - they will be included in the Newsletter. If you join singly or as a team send a shout out, eg. "Hi, the Kempton Book Group just formed with 7 members."

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Our Northern Berks Representatives
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US Senate - Pennsylvania

US House - Pennsylvania Congressional District

Pennsylvania House - PA Senate District

Pennsylvania House - PA House District